The time has come to begin a new Reader's Guide and this one will be slightly different. It will cover the novels and short stories written by Arthur Conan Doyle about Sherlock Holmes, but it will not be the same as the existing sites.

I have been reading the stories for some time now and collecting data about them in a database, so that is what the new site will be: a database about each of the stories. At the site, you will be able to search for and view characters, locations, and quotes. Each story will be listed and clicking on one will show details about it. These include:

  • Publish year and year that it is set in
  • The mystery, the apparent crime, and the actual crime
  • A summary of the story
  • The explanation (initially hidden so you don't ruin the story before reading it)
  • The characters
  • The locations
  • Other notes

THolmes and Watsonhe idea is it will be a reference for readers. "In which story are severed ears sent to a woman?" Search for the word "ears" and "The Adventure of the Cardboard Box" is displayed.

For a collection of stories, this is easier than creating the sort of site I have used previously and also more useful for readers who are more likely to search for one story.

There is no date yet for going live. I have the database completed so I have to create the site. It will be quite different from the previous sites so I cannot use them as a template. Stay tuned to this site for news.