My first "Reader's Guide" website. It was created in the autumn of 2007 after I had read the book and looked online (vainly) for information on the novel. Of course, there were sites such as SparkNotes (even then) but they always seemed to be aimed at the serious English Literature student, rather than the casual reader. My site was designed to be useful to both: detailed information for the student but presented in short snatches with many graphics to appeal to the other.

Over the years I have added new pages and updated information, especially when the new TV and film versions are released.

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This was created in 2017 after I decided to re-read the novel and afterwards watched some of the TV and film versions. Noticing how much the adaptations varied, I thought that this would be an apt candidate for a Guidesite.

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The latest of the Guidesites, this was created in 2018 after reading the many novels and short stories and compiling a database of them. Because there are many stories rather than one (as in the other sites), I decided to create a site based around a database rather than the normal format.

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After creating the Reader's Guide to Wuthering Heights, I looked around for another book and turned to my favourite science fiction novel, John Wyndham's The Day of the Triffids. The site was started before Wuthering Heights had been completed and was also published in 2007.

If you've never read The Day of the Triffids, it is a fine example of apocalyptic fiction, describing the world after an apparent comet blinds the vast majority of the population. The survivors also have to deal with triffids – large movable plants with a deadly sting. But the story is more than a battle against mutant monsters, it's more about what sort of society do we build after a disaster and how we cope.

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